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Innovative Education Center (IEC Austria) was established in Vienna in 2018 by a group of experienced youth worker and international consultant.  Aim of the IEC Austria team is to develop projects, training courses and non-formal and hands on learning activities to support and improve the use of sport, music and art as a tool for healthy life, active citizenship, empowerment, social inclusion, mutual understanding, entrepreneurial development, and leadership. IEC Austria activities and trainings aims to encourage, challenge, inspire and  empower the participants to develop leadership skills and personal capacity;  enhance their employability and entrepreneurship. 

Throughout the years, IEC Austria has built a strong network with associations in different sectors, schools, and social enterprises which created various placement and volunteering opportunities for young people living in Austria and have worked on various projects funded by European Commission and UN in recent years.

IEC Austria puts special interest in the empowerment of disadvantaged groups in society such as migrants, women and young people with geographical, social and economic disadvantages. Every year about 100 learners are involved in over 15 local learning activities – training courses, seminars, workshops and sport events. Local learning activities are organized for many different target groups, including adult learners, youth (16-29), NEETs, teachers, university professors, social activists and other professionals.

Today IEC Austria has a staff of 16 international experts, 55% (1/13) female and 45% male, aged between 25 and 70.


Outward Bound Croatia is a member of Outward Bound International whose outdoor educational programs are recognized in over 30 countries around the world as a valuable enrichment of the classic school system. Our main field of activity is the organization and implementation of innovative outdoor programs for school children and youth. We take special concern in empowering youth with fewer opportunities, from struggling families, the social care system, youth with behavioral problems, or emotional difficulties in our courses. 

The organization was established in 2005. and since then we have accomplished great results in the area of education and training, as well as in programs of personal development and empowerment for youth, especially those with fewer opportunities. We regularly receive support for our programs from the Ministry of Science and Education, the Ministry of social policy, and the National Foundation for Civil Society Development. Since 2013, our educational center in the village of Veliki Žitnik near Gospic is open and active (since 2016 it’s also fully restored), supported by the local authorities. The work of our educational center contributes to the development of the rural and underdeveloped county of Lika.

We teach and work by the following values: compassion, integrity, excellence, inclusion, and diversity. Learning through experience, challenge, and adventure in a supportive environment are the principles we use to design and deliver programs with targeted outcomes like character development, leadership, and service.


The Center for School and Extracurricular Activities (CŠOD) is a public institution that has been providing implementation since 1992 nature schools in other outdoor programs for elementary and high school youth. 

There are 27 centers located in the Central School of Education, which are spread all over Slovenia, from Gorenjska, Styria,Carinthia to Primorska in the Dolenjska region. Centers are away from the city, which they do implementation of programs in nature, learning about local changes in the population.

The work of the CŠOD extends into the fields of education, sports, science and culture. These include performance weekly in-kind school programs for students, students in children with special needs (natural sciences) week, social science week, sports week, mandatory content week), activity days (natural science, cultural, sports and tech daily), weekend programs on active holidays.

All kindergartens in Slovenia carry out school in nature in their school curriculum. Because the young people in these programs they socialize throughout the day, followed by a dose of instructional goals for nature and development schools social skills such as non-violent communication, conflict resolution in a society with peers, they program healthy lifestyles into a responsible attitude to natural life, they are nurtured for respect in collaboration, for initiating other qualities into mutual tolerance. 

The emphasis is positive compared to nature in sustainable development. WHEREAS its development in the needs of young people in an adapted program of their life in communication. In addition to the home, there is also a day care center with 39 one-day programs that get to know the Karst, a visit to the Ljubljana Marshes, along the Prešeren Trail, the Cave DImnice, the Karst Edge.


BVB is an association of professionals, freelancers and entrepreneurs aiming to foster and support the socioeconomic development of civil society through projects focused on sport and culture. The association creates, manages, and promotes sport and cultural initiatives based on creativity, freedom of expression and social inclusion, and related to grassroots sports, multisport activities, cinema, fashion and visual arts. BVB strives to stimulate the sharing of knowledge and the international collaboration through sport and cultural projects able to enhance the local development and good practices in the society, and so welfare and social cohesion. BVB will be responsible for coordination and communication part and for the launching conference of the project (as they have the experience in coordination and communication). They have the necessary resources (people, conference room, connection with mayoralties and sport officials) and appropriate financial resources have been deemed to them in order to accommodate this.